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Father Richard Gorman

Welcome to Community Board 12


The greatest joy of serving our friends and neighbors at Community Board 12 Bronx is that of meeting them and being able to assist them in a variety of ways. Whether it involves solving a difficulty arising between local residents, rectifying a problem relative to the delivery of government services, or just lending an open and understanding ear to one who is looking to be heard, it is a blessing to get to know people and have the opportunity to work on their behalf. These sentiments are shared, I know, by our dedicated District Manager, Carmen L. Rosa, and all who work at our Town Hall Headquarters.

Over our many years of service at Town Hall, District Manager, Carmen Rosa and I have strived to make local government effective and truly accessible to neighborhood citizens. The refurbishment and renovation of Town Hall and of our Carriage House, with the aid and the support of our elected officials, was a significant accomplishment in this regard. Important as well are our engagement in innumerable meetings, frequent telephone calls, and copious correspondence that cause the hours of a typical day at the Community Board to fly by so quickly. Our objective is to keep in touch with our community and to make them aware of how much we value hearing from them.

The inauguration of this website for Community Board 12 Bronx is yet another major step in bringing Government closer to those whom it serves. On this website, one will be able to read the Minutes of the Monthly Meetings of the Community Board and of its Standing and Special Committees, access correspondence and other documents relative to noteworthy issues confronting Bronx Community District 12, inform the District Manager of Staff of complaints, learn of key events and happenings in which one may have an interest or find it vital to attend, and be in contact with the District Manager and me.

As with all new ventures, it may take us a bit of time to get this latest project up and running without any glitches. Nonetheless, I am pleased to get this website underway and to begin this latest adventure in local governance.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. It is important to make your voice heard at Town Hall.

Father Richard F. Gorman, Esq.

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